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Visions at Koh Tao

Visions occupied Koh Tao in Fallowfield in 2014 for a monthly house and techno party that “went off!” Our Residents took over the newly renovated tikki bar which went on to become a student hotspot for their monthly fix of a top quality rave at an affordable price. Visions began to make a name for itself as we pushed boundaries legally, persuading the owners to stay open into the early hours of the following day and attracting massive acts from ‘WHP‘ and ‘Albert hall‘ for some of the most memorable after parties you would ever of witnessed. Check out one of the crowd videos from the wAFF secret set on the right.

Visions Secret Set

These super exclusive after parties began to make a name for themselves in a big way. As it was a secret operation and technically not 100% legal the name naturally developed. Acts such as wAFF , Pete Zorba, Oli Furness, Jimmy SwitchSian Bennet, Pete Moby, Tobias Renoir and more. The attraction was the secrecy surrounding the event which kept people talking for months to follow. Sometimes we didn’t even know which act we would get and that was the beauty.

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Visions Next Step

Visions wants to build on the secret underground movement which was developed from the birth of the Secret Set. The development is to incorporate food and local artists to create a day festival vibe which can continue into the night and have no time constraints, because who wants to leave the party?!

We currently are scouting out suitable venues and have a few lined up in time for the summer partys. Exclusivity will be a must at these events to ensure they go ahead as planned with no hitches. So keep your ear to the ground party people and we will release hints about who is playing where and when, like the pirate radio days of the 90s just follow the music.

Now trust in our vision and we will trust in your support to create one of a kind house experiences like no other….Follow us on all social platforms to ensure you don’t miss out. In the mean time why not check out our shop over at the visions Emporium.

Ticket information Coming soon Check back here! until then have a listen and a read to the ‘blogcast