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Our Vision

Visions is an underground urban and techno brand started by a group of like minded university students whom shared a passion for underground house music and independent street ‘garms’. Visions has successfully attracted huge acts like wAFF of hot creations Jimmy Switch, Oli FurnessSian Bennet and J.DerechoNot to mention the Visions Residents Tobias Renoir and Joe Hirst.

Visions events are unique to other house nights and events as we are determined to appeal to all music and fashion lovers offering vintage fashion day events coupled with the finest music and food manchester has to offer. We intend to link with many locally grown artists across all genres to provide a platform to kickstart their career.

Visions in 2016 will continuing to develop the urban independent brand with a female clothing line for the summer rave season. And endeavor to integrate itself firmly into the manchester music and fashion scene by the end of the year.

Watch this space and check out the social media to stay up to date with events, new music and products here

Visions Emporium

Visions Emporium was crafted with a minimalistic style from the highest quality fabrics made according to ethical and ‘fair trade’ standards.
This is imperative for us as a brand and we endeavour to offer the finest garments at competitive prices.

Hundreds of fabrics where tested and sampled before we came across the ultra durable fabrics used in our collections.

We where tired of only getting one or two wears out of a garment before it was misshapen or looked tired and worn.

Our products deliver!!! Wash after wash they still have you looking the freshest at the party. After all…we are the party.

Be A Part Of The Vision Today


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Visions at XOLO

Visions at XOLO

Visions at Koh Tao

Visions at Koh Tao

Visions Secret Set

Visions Secret Set

Social Vision

The visions Podcast is engineered to introduce the latest in new music, sets and events you may or may not have come across.

We know how hard it is to find that great tune you heard at that rave or after party so we endeavor to cover all bases and more.

In addition to this we want to introduce new talent to the scene via a monthly mix style competition; This could comprise of a new track someone has created or a live set or just a mix made in your bedroom.

The intention is to try and develop talents and have some fun together along the way.

It couldn’t be easier just upload your track mix or other creative genius via we transfer and send it to

Winners will be announced on all social platforms and promoted for an entire month and given the chance to play at our up coming events.

 Now have some fun and get that talent showcased!!!

Why not head over to Soundcloud now and check out some of the work done by Our Very own Tobias Renoir and his Mix Of The Month Series now.

Just click the Soundcloud link.